Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Graduate Portfolio and Artist Statement

Artist statement

  In my work I am exploring what “portraiture” can mean to an understanding of Identity.  I am not interested in portraiture to capture a likeness, but rather portraiture as a bridge in which the discourse of being (ontology) and the structures of experience (phenomenology) can be opened to a viewer.
  The surfaces, I paint on, serve the images much like paper for poetry, the intent being not necessarily to cover it but to mark make and stain, that it may be interpreted in contrast to its silence.  Our ability to experience anything is only possible when it is contrasted by the absence of all other experiences thus negating much of the ability to experience outside of our immediate intent.  In attempting to present this fact I don’t care to hide what the thing is behind illusion or even the medium itself, in fact I believe it would negate my original goal.  Art can serve to entice us to question deeper and I believe that it is with the experiencing of art that one can encounter adequate silence to formulate the questions.